Think Like the Test

Think Like the Test - Sample question

There are three things you need in order to pass any mental health licensing exams: Deep knowledge of the source material, anxiety management, and test-taking skill. A solid preparation program will help you with all three of these components.

Test-taking skill can be particularly challenging. It's common for examinees to report that, when taking their exams, they can narrow their options down to two. But they often say it can be hard to tell which of the two remaining options is right.

Our exclusive Think Like the Test™ video makes this task simple. By showing you how the logic of the exam works, you'll learn to easily differentiate the correct response choice from other options that are designed to look correct, even though they're actually wrong.

Our customers describe this video as a game-changer. Sharpen your skills using the information here, and it just may make the difference between failing and passing.

This video is an included component of all Ben Caldwell Labs online exam prep courses:

56 minutes | On-demand video | Available in exam prep online courses

For more on sharpening your test-taking skills, we're proud to announce the Think Like the Test™ podcast! Available on your favorite podcast platform.