California LPCC Law & Ethics Exam Prep


This course is designed to prepare you for the California LPCC Law & Ethics Exam (LPCC L&E). We offer APCCs the best LPCC Law and Ethics exam prep, study tools, video lectures, and practice tests.

Our course is fully updated to the 2024 BBS Exam Plan. (Here's why that matters.) The course includes:

  • Video-based learning. More than 10 hours of topic-focused video lectures.
  • Quizzes & mock exams. Includes a full-length mock exam, a 25-item mini-mock exam, and several topic-focused brief quizzes, all with complete rationales. 
  • Taught by Ben Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell is a leading author and educator, well-known for his advocacy on behalf of early career clinicians.
  • A better price. We built a great product, and we charge a lot less for it than some of our competitors. We're mission-driven here: We're not just selling you a product, we're fighting for you.

This course does not offer continuing education (CE) credit.