Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

This page includes plain-language information about what information we gather about you and how we use it. This page was last updated in January 2023, and may be further amended without prior notice.

What we gather

Information you specifically provide us. Obviously, anything you fill out in a form is information you're giving us. Subscriptions, surveys, and the like are used as described. We don't sell or share that information with outsiders. (See "What we share" below.) Some information for continuing education courses, such as course registrations and grievances, is maintained for at least five years in accordance with our CE record retention policy.

Financial information. While it is necessary for you to provide credit card information to complete transactions on our site, we never see your financial information. Credit transactions are handled by our payment processor in accordance with their privacy and security policies. Please note that in the event of a declined card or otherwise refused charge, we may be unable to simply attempt the transaction again, as we do not have access to the information necessary to do so.

Information about your behavior on our site. Like most web sites, we're interested in knowing how you and others navigate through our site. We gather information like what pages you visit and how long you spend on each page. We analyze this information in aggregate form (combining your behavior with that of our other visitors) to determine visitor habits and site performance. We do not have the ability to link this information with your specific identity.

Information about your behavior in our courses. Obviously, we need to know how far you've progressed in courses you're taking through us. We gather and retain information like what courses you've registered for, what components of each course you have completed, your scores on quizzes and exams, and your CE certificates, if applicable. This information is helpful if you pause a course partway through and want to resume later, or if you want to reprint copies of your CE certificates as you approach license renewal.

What we share

We value your trust and protect your privacy. We share your information only with those entities that are active parts of our business. For example, credit card transactions are processed by our payment processor, in accordance with their privacy policy. We never even see your financial information. Additionally, our courses are set up on a Learning Management System, with whom we contract to provide course delivery. 

We never sell or rent customer information. We share customer information with outside organizations only for the purposes of providing our courses and products. This includes us contacting and marketing to current and past customers, consistent with what those customers have authorized.

Terms of Use

Your use of the site constitutes agreement with the policies and practices outlined on our site. 

Coupons and discounts. Coupons expire at 11:59 California time on dates noted and cannot be used in combination. Unless otherwise noted, limit one per customer. Discounts and pricing may be changed or expire at any time without prior notice.

Software license. Our online courses and exam prep programs are software products. When you purchase a course from us, you are purchasing a temporary and revocable license that allows only the individual purchaser to use the software product. Login sharing or transferring is a violation of these terms of use.

Respect and collegiality. We may revoke access to courses and to other Ben Caldwell Labs resources, at our sole discretion and without the possibility of a refund, if you engage in conduct within our courses or other resources that is harmful to other users. This includes hate-based content, threats of violence, or the promotion of violent or extremist views.

Truthful and honest action. You agree only to use Ben Caldwell Labs products and services in the course of legal, professional actions. Any users or accounts believed to be fraudulent or participating in illegal or unprofessional conduct may be frozen or removed.

Release of liability. By using our products and services, including our web site, you release us and our contractors, partners, and assigns from liability surrounding the information we provide. You understand that while information is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, legal, ethical, cultural, and professional standards can change quickly, and it is the responsibility of each individual to remain current.