Ben Caldwell Labs is becoming High Pass Education.

Ben Caldwell Labs transition to High Pass Education

We're changing our name and logo! This fall, Ben Caldwell Labs is becoming High Pass Education.

The work my team and I do here has always been about you, not me. We’re changing our branding to reflect that. I didn't sell the company, and we're not changing any of our policies or platforms as part of this – it’s just a branding change.

Why we're changing

I love the relationships I have with folks here in California. And I’d like to build similar relationships around the country, as we continue to expand our offerings. A lot of folks outside of California have no idea who I am – so “Ben Caldwell Labs” tells them nothing about what this company is, what we do, or what we believe in.

What High Pass Education means

We’ve been looking for years for branding that would align with our mission, and communicate quickly what we work toward. High Pass Education reflects that. We believe that the way to accomplish big things is with smart strategy, knowledge, and hard work.

Our new logo reflects that: It is both a growth chart, showing how improvement happens in stages, and an image of a mountain to climb.  

We're still an approved CE provider

We’re proud to be a CAMFT-approved CE provider (recognized by the BBS), and that approval continues. For future CE course completions, you’ll see our name and logo change on certificates, but that’s all that changes. Prior CE certificates will of course continue to be honored by the BBS, as they reflect our name and approval status at the time of course completion.

What will be changing

Expect very little in the way of change, especially in the short term. Over time, we’ll update our web site URL and so forth, and we'll update the branding on new courses and slides to reflect the new name and logo in place of the old one. But we’re not making changes to our platform, policies, or prices as part of this change in branding.