California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam Prep


This course is designed to prepare you for the California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam (LCSW L&E). If you're an ASW looking for the best exam prep, study tools, video lectures, and practice tests for the BBS LCSW Law and Ethics Exam, you're in the right place.

Our course is fully updated to the 2024 BBS Exam Plan. (Here's why that matters.) The course includes:

  • Video-based learning
    More than 10 hours of total video, including focused video lectures organized around the specific topics in the BBS Exam Plan. 
  • Test-taking strategy and anxiety management
    Includes our exclusive Think Like the Test™ video, featuring key test-taking strategies. Also includes video discussion of useful anxiety management techniques.
  • Quizzes & mock exam
    A full-length mock exam and focused quizzes, all with complete rationales.
  • Specific to social workers
    Includes several hours of new video designed and written specifically for this course, integrating the unique elements of the NASW Code of Ethics and the clinical social work profession.
  • Taught by a leading mental health educator and advocate
    Dr. Ben Caldwell is a licensed clinician, has been teaching at the graduate level for more than 15 years, and has fought and won many battles on behalf of mental health professionals with the BBS and the California Legislature.
  • A better price
    It's that simple: We built a great product, and we charge a lot less for it than some of our competitors. It's because we're mission-driven here: We're not just selling you a product, we're fighting for you.
  • Organized based on the BBS Exam Plan
    So you know what to study for -- and there's nothing here you don't.
  • Available anywhere you're online
    Our browser-based platform works on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, anytime you're connected to the internet. System requirements apply.
  • With you until you pass
    Initial course access is set to 90 days, but if you change your test date or don't pass on your first attempt, just send us the documentation and we'll provide a no-cost extension.

This course does not offer continuing education (CE) credit