Support: Multiple licenses or registrations

If you have more than one active license or registration, you can list *all* active licenses or registrations on your CE certificate. 

In your profile, you'll see a place to set your license/registration type and number. You can include multiple licenses or registrations here, and they will appear on your certificate exactly as you entered them. 

So, let's say you have two active registrations. You can list them in your profile like this:

License/registration type and number: AMFT 123456 and APCC 1234

Include multiple licenses or registrations for your CE certificate

Make sure to click "Save changes" once you've entered the correct information. And then both registrations will appear on your certificate when you complete a CE course.

Note that if you change these fields in your profile, they do not change the certificates for courses already completed. The changes only apply to course completions from that point forward. If you need license/registration info changed on a certificate for a course you've already completed, please contact us.