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We've helped thousands of mental health professionals pass their licensing exams. And in the process, we've saved them a ton of money over what they might have paid for other programs.

Some of their success stories are below. (All gave permission for us to share their testimonials. Some are lightly edited for length or clarity.)

"I was so nervous about this test and honestly Ben Caldwell literally made me feel so comfortable and ready to take it on. The test anxiety portion really helped solidify I knew my sh*t and that nerves were normal. This content was easy to take in and manageable to study as well."
- Karen

"This course was a blessing! I actually enjoyed learning through the video series as Ben Caldwell made it sound simple and straightforward. While the course was very informative, the test taking strategies were very, very helpful."
- Niyati

"Ben Caldwell’s exam prep course is very thorough and detailed in every possible aspect! I was so nervous, but the videos really provided me much needed anxiety management and I felt supported and prepared. And considering I passed on the first try, I am forever thankful for the course!!"
- Danielle

"I am so relieved. Thank you Ben Caldwell!"
- Annika

"The vignettes prepared me well for the actual exam. So much so, that I was hearing Ben's voice in my head as I was reading the actual questions on my L&E exam! I also found that watching the 'test taking strategy and anxiety management' section, before I took the last two mock exams, was extremely helpful in managing my test anxiety and being more mindful and paying attention to whether the question is asking a legal or ethical issue."
- Kristine

"The course helped me successfully pass my test on the first try. The content was relevant, clear and accessible. Ben and Marcia were responsive and accommodating, beyond measure. Moreover, I found the content to be more helpful, consistent, and current than [other major company’s] prep."
- Colleen

"Thanks Ben Caldwell Labs for the awesome study prep! I felt relaxed and well prepared!"
- Nicolle

Exam success - Krysta

"I used the Ben Caldwell LPCC L&E prep course online to prep for my exam and I passed on my first try! I felt very prepared going into it thanks to Ben's course. The content was thorough but succinct, and there wasn't a piece of content in the exam that wasn't covered in some capacity in the course. I think the most helpful part of the course, though, was the section on how to take the exam."
- Krysta

"The study material was amazing!!!!"
- Stacy

"This course was incredibly helpful, well presented, and affordable! I found the Test-Taking Skills section to be particularly helpful and essential in me passing, as it gave me a good understanding of how to 'think like the test.' Ben Caldwell is so knowledgeable and is a great presenter. I am very grateful and I am 100% confident that I made the right choice with using this course. Going into the test, I felt confident that I'd pass. And I left passing!
- Patrick

"I passed my exam on the first try after using this course to study."
- Jessika

Exam success - Michelle

"I kicked the exam's ass! Thanks, Ben Caldwell & team, for prep resources that truly helped me feel confident the day of the exam. I found the actual exam questions to be easier than the practice exams and was well-prepared due to the clear topical lessons and rationales. Another milestone down, more to go on this licensing journey!"
- Michelle

"I am so thrilled to have passed my exam. I felt the program matched the needs in my life since the course material was in a portal and I could study from anywhere. I loved how clearly all of the sections were communicated and tailored with just enough information to pass the exam."
- Rachael

"Thanks to this course, I felt very prepared and relaxed going into the test! It was definitely challenging, but I felt confident in the material and what was being asked of me as I went through the questions. When I saw the 'Congratulations!' on the screen, it was such a great feeling!"
- Taylor

"Nailed it first time! The tips on understanding the test were particularly useful and probably made the difference between passing first time and not. I really like the way the videos are done."
- Carey

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