Changes and updates in Basics of California Law, 10th edition

Basics of California Law for LMFTs LPCCs LCSWs 10th edition cover

There are more updates than usual in this update of Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs. The following list doesn't cover every change -- there are hundreds of minor and technical changes, some data updates, and the like. This is a list of the more significant and substantive changes and additions, organized by chapter:

Chapter 1 (Licensing)

New law: Temporary licensure for military spouses
Added information on clinical exam performance disparities
New law: Law & Ethics training requirement
New law: Telehealth training requirement
New regulations: Continuing education changes
Expanded information on the 90-day rule
Updated information on the NCMHCE format
Added information on temporary out-of-state care
Updated information on interstate compacts
Updated “Room for Debate” about coaching

Chapter 2 (Supervision)

New law: Video supervision
Added information on addressing impairment
Added information on overtime pay
Added information on holidays
New law: Salary disclosure

Chapter 3 (Unprofessional Conduct)

Added information on public disclosure
Clarified research on apologies

Chapter 4 (Confidentiality)

Added information about so-called implied waivers
Added information on confidentiality in mandated treatment

Chapter 5 (Documentation)

Added mention of requirement to link to HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices on home page of web site
Moved & updated information on ESA letters
Added information on letters for gender-affirming care
Added information on other letters and reports
Clarified information on releasing records from family therapy involving a minor

Chapter 6 (Couples and Families)

Added information on foster parents
Added information on emancipation

Chapter 7 (Abuse Reporting)

Added information on when agencies refuse reports

Chapter 8 (Marketing)

Added information on video marketing

Chapter 9 (Technology)

Added information on telehealth training
Added information on app-based therapy

Chapter 10 (Advocacy)

Added information on attending BBS meetings
Updated information on online advocacy