2023 changes to the California MFT Clinical Exam

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The 2023 California MFT Clinical Exam is seeing some changes, but they aren't major. The Exam Plan stays the same, which means the topic areas covered aren't changing. The proportions of the test dedicated to each topic are also staying the same. The exam is still 170 items over 4 hours, and 150 of those items are scored.

Of course, with the new year brings a new cycle of the exam, as always (it runs in roughly 4-month cycles). And there is one meaningful change for 2023: The basis for Diagnosis questions changes from the DSM-5 to the DSM-5-TR.

In our California LMFT Clinical Exam Prep program, we have a detailed video explaining what's changed in the DSM-5-TR. As always, we rolled out this video to all current customers. 

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